Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book my equipment?

Simply call or email us. We are a growing business and if we don't have your preferred equipment option in stock let us know and we can talk to you about other alternatives or arrange another product from the manufacturer. We accept all major cards, Paypal, cheques, cash and more.

Do I need insurance?

We offer our equipment for hire with or without insurance. Accidents do happen, regardless if you choose this option or not we cover wheel failures (which are highly unlikely to happen). Crashes and large potholes can come out of no-where and this is where insurance DOES become vital! We recommend you take this option otherwise you could be out of pocket for the cost of a new wheel or two.
*Crashes and Accidents are covered by us- riding a wheel home flat and ruining the rim is not!
*Insurance does not cover lost or stolen wheels. We ask you never leave our equipment in cars or vehicles overnight, nor in garages or sheds.
*If you puncture a tubular you will be charged 40 or you can replace it with the same tyre.

What do I need to do once my items arrive?

Follow the manufacturer's fitting instructions. Fit your cassette, tyre and skewers, then all you need to do is pump up the tyres to recommended pressure and put into your bike. Make sure you have a short ride changing gears on the wheels before race day to make check everything is working ok and you feel confident to break and accelerate on the wheels.

What if I puncture a tubular?

Firstly please stop immediately. Thankfully the days of carrying and changing a spare tubular are gone. All Tubular bookings are supplied with a canister of Vittoria PitStop. In the event of a punture, simply insert the canister onto your value like a CO2 bulb and the tyre will inflate to 80PSI along with a Latex goo that seals the punture. The canister is small enough to be easily taped under your saddle and out of the way. We rent tubular tyres on the basis that if you puncture it you will have to replace the tyre. We often get these at a reduced rate of around 40. It is fairly rare they puncture .

Do I need to purchase brake pads?

The short answer is no. Some of our wheels have aluminium braking surfaces which do not need special brake pads. If you book Tubular or full carbon wheels- we recommend using brake pads specifically designed for carbon braking surfaces but this is only optional. Pads designed for carbon rims do not heat up like normal brake pads and do stop better in wet conditons. We ask that you clean and inspect your current brake pads for any small stones/flints and remove them with a tooth pick etc.

Tubulars or Clinchers?

Traditionally tubulars have been used for race wheels and clinchers often recommended for training, though ultimately the final decision should be based on your preference, comfort level and confidence level in changing a potential puncture. Clinchers are lot lighter and faster then they we're 10 years ago and now days many people feel they are just as fast. Remember a tubular is glued on and we now supply Vittoria Pit Stop canisters with all Tubular hires.


Training on less aerodynamic wheels (your general spoked wheels) will give you a boost in training anyway as they are harder work! We ask that you do not train on tubular tyres or discs and use these just for racing. Of course we offer only the best aero-wheels for you to hire.

Do you rent out single wheels?

Yes, we do. We offer single (usually rear) wheels on their own at 3/4 the price of a full booking. Please contact us to book.

What if I break or lose it.

We will ask you for a deposit set out before hand which will be non returnable if you break the equipment. If the equipment fails or breaks down depending in the circumstances we will cover it. However we beg and ask kindly that you take the utmost care of our equipment, never leaving it in the back of unattended cars or garages.

Can I buy the equipment.

Sometimes yes. From time to time we will sell off equipment. Feel free to ask of make us an offer.

Can I use the equipment abroad.

We will only ship rental equipment to uk based riders for use in the uk. However if you want to take the equipment abroad contact us as we may be able to do this with a larger deposit.

Can you do better rates for long term rentals?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.